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5 Different Modern Methods of Construction Types

Modern methods of construction (MMC) are innovative ways of building structures, which are increasingly being used in the construction industry. They provide a number of different benefits, depending on the method used, and could help to do everything from speed up construction and save money to making construction safer. Modern methods of construction include methods such as creating modular buildings, 3D printed construction, and flat slab construction. Whether using one of these construction types or combining more than one, developers, landowners, and homeowners can take an up-to-date approach to construction that may provide some excellent benefits.

Modular Buildings/3D Volumetric Construction

Constructing modular buildings is all about creating parts of the building off-site and then bringing them on-site. By building 3D modules off-site, it's possible to save time and money, as well as carry out quality control. Modular buildings might begin with basic steel shells or they could be complete external and internal designs. They can be excellent for consistency for the development of modular homes, in addition to hotels and similar buildings. Light gauge steel is ideal for this purpose, as it is light, durable, and versatile.

Flat Slab Construction

Flat slab construction involves the use of flat slabs of concrete that are reinforced and supported with concrete columns. This method of construction removes the need for beams, with the load of a slab placed on supporting columns and a square slab called a drop panel. This MMC construction method offers flexibility in design layout, as well as reducing the amount of time required for construction. Floor-to-floor height can be reduced too, which can be beneficial to cut cladding costs and for prefabricated construction.

Twin Wall Technology

Twin wall technology is one of the modern methods of construction that combines precast concrete and in-situ concrete. Using both of these methods, it's possible to benefit from both speed and structural integrity. The walls are created by separating two wall slabs with a cast in lattice girders. After joining together and reinforcing the walls, the gap between them is filled with concrete. As well as being a faster method of construction, it's more economical and is often used together with precast floors.

Hybrid Construction

Hybrid construction or semi-volumetric construction combines modern construction methods of volumetric/modular units and panel systems. Areas that are highly utilized such as kitchens and bathrooms can be created as volumetric units, while the rest of the building is constructed using panels. This allows for the best parts of each construction method to provide benefits, including fittings in the volumetric units and flexibility from the panel system.

3D Printed Construction

3D printing is continually being used in new and innovative ways, including in the construction industry. 3D printed construction is particularly useful for creating prototypes, as well as for creating complex components that have more challenging shapes. 3D printing uses the sequential layering of materials to build up the element being constructed. It begins with a digital 3D model, which can then be used to create the required construction elements.

These modern methods of construction deliver a range of benefits to construction projects, often making it possible to save time and money, as well as produce excellent work.

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There are a wide range of modern methods of construction (MMC) techniques, providing alternatives to traditional building construction. There is an increasing interest in MMC from project developers due to the extensive list of benefits these methods provide.

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