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Advance Your Construction Projects with Frameclad’s SCI / NHBC Accredited Load Bearing Solution

When you need a construction built, there’s a lot of things that you may be concerned about. You need reliability, deadlines, and accuracy; which are all achievable with the right contractors, but who do you pick? Well, while there may be some reservations about going with something new, Frameclad’s light gauge steel frame load bearing might be the solution that you’re looking for!

You may be wondering why you would pick Frameclad’s load-bearing solutions over the standard construction options, and there are multiple benefits that you are gaining with them.

Invisible Savings

When you’re going with alternative solutions over the standard methods, you may not expect to be saving money, but due to construction being easier to handle with light gauge steel framing - you could make potential savings. Whether you’re going from ground-up construction or vertical extensions on existing structures, Frameclad’s load bearing solution can be a superior option for you.

Quicker Construction

Due to the way Frameclad manufactures their Light Gauge Steel Frame load bearings, you don’t have to worry about dealing with the wait that a lot of wet-trades bring. Your construction can advance without having to wait for cement or concrete to dry, and your building will be finished quicker than other methods of construction.


As Frameclad takes care of the manufacture and supply, they can provide materials with factory precision, meaning that your construction can perfectly match the original design. Frameclad has great confidence in their ability to manufacture their load bearing walls with perfect accuracy. It can be difficult to get the construction completely accurate to the design with the standard-solutions, such as brickwork or concrete construction, as they are not perfectly manufactured from a factory.

Multiple Accreditations

Frameclad is accredited in multiple fields. Holding SCI / NHBC accreditation on their load bearing systems up to 9 storeys and are insurance, safety, and fire compliant. You need a company you can trust in, and the best way to know who you can trust is by knowing who they are accredited by. Frameclad’s multiple accreditations tell you all you need to know about their reliability as a construction manufacturer.

Frameclad also has full credibility from their promoted systems, meaning you can have full trust in them as a business in the construction industry.

Whether you’re looking to have a house built, an office, or a light industrial building constructed, Frameclad can supply and manufacture their light gauge steel framing accurately. Like mentioned before, it’s also perfectly safe and viable to use for extensions on previously built structures, due to their lightweight structure - perfect for those looking to have construction done quicker than a wet trade can deliver!

For ease of construction, Frameclad can supply all of their systems with pre-punched service holes, making for quicker and easier installation for other services such as; electrical or plumbing.

Frameclad is equipped with the best-in-line equipment to manufacture and supply, and is also staffed by the most experienced and understanding workers that any construction supplier in Europe can offer!

If you’re looking for a solution that can provide great accuracy, speed, and multiple accreditations, Frameclad’s load-bearing solutions are the right choice for you.

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