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Frameclad Q&A With Anne Jamieson

Q&A With Anne Jamieson

Before working at Frameclad, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

I worked at a fish factory over a summer in Aberdeen, one of the jobs was to put gutted fish on a conveyor. I remember once putting my finger through an eye of a fish!

How did you first learn about Frameclad?

Through my husband Martin Jamieson who works for Frameclad – Martin didn’t work for Frameclad at the time but he knew Mark Munns so that’s how I learned about Frameclad.

How has Frameclad helped you in your career development?

I have learnt a completely different area from what I originally trained in.

What are 3 words to describe Frameclad?

Family, driven, supportive.

What do you like most about Frameclad?

The friendliness and how we work together as a close team and feel appreciated.

What drew you to Frameclad originally?

An opportunity that came at the right time. I was ready to start a new chapter in something new.

And how has Frameclad changed since?

Only had a little factory and a small team and it has massively expanded.

What is on your wish list for the next 2 years with Frameclad?

I want it to continue to grow. Personally I would like to learn more about the load bearing side of the business as currently I concentrate on the infill tech reviews so I am keen to expand my knowledge in different parts of the business.

What is the favourite part about working for Frameclad?

Being able to work from home and the flexibility.

What is your proudest moment at Frameclad?

The creation and setting up the CRM system and proud of the fact that I am now doing a completely different job and moved out of my comfort zone. Going from computer programming, IT to estimating for Framelcad.

Who’s someone you really admire?

My Dad because he is in his eighties and partially blind and has gone through many health issues from cancer to heart attacks but gets through it all and carries on with a smile on his face and his usual dry sense of humour. My Mam (it’s a Teesside thing 😊) looks after my Dad and she is very inspirational for the love, care and support she gives him. And my husband Martin Jamieson, who works extremely hard, but still has the time to be extremely supportive to me and who makes me laugh every day, he’s my rock.

What’s something you saw recently that made you smile?

This Instagram of Tao the blind dog following voice commands -

What’s the best advice you were ever given?

If you work hard and put in the effort, you will be rewarded for it – My Dad.

What would we most likely find you doing at the weekend?

Walking the dogs and doing a scent adventure with them through a local dog club which helps teach them with distraction and relaxation. I also enjoy card making whom I donate to a dog charity from where one of our dogs came from.

What is the most positive thing for you that has come out of COVID?

Spending more time with my parents as they were in my bubble.

What is your role at Frameclad?

Senior estimator.

Favourite type of music?

The Killers are my favourite band.

Best meal you've ever eaten?

Mexican from a local restaurant.

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