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Overslade House

Overslade House, Northampton

Northampton - This technically challenging project involved the initial removal of a traditional pitched roof from a four story 1980’s Social Housing Accommodation Block and the subsequent installation of a new load-bearing storey plus the associated supporting Hot Rolled Steel grillage, new external lift shaft and associated landing areas.

The quality of “as-built” information on a refurbishment scheme can be a little patchy and this contract was no exception – relying on numerous site surveys in order to design and locate the various elements on the correct positions on the remaining structure. Working closely with the main contractor – Engie – we were able to achieve full design requirement on the programme and to the agreed costs. Despite the supporting structure being of dubious build quality and random location, we were able to utilise the latest design facilities to provide a rooftop living space exactly as the client had envisaged.

Product: Load Bearing - Rooftop Extension – Hot Rolled Grillage and fully assembled SFS walls & roof
Site: Overslade House, Northampton
Main Contractor: Engie
Sub Contractor: Tek Build
Client: Northampton Homes
Area: 3000m²
Floors: One plus Hot Rolled Grillage and Roof
Status: Complete

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Photo 14 11 2018, 13 25 24

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