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Centre Point Charity

51 Safe Rooms to help those in need over Christmas.

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This year we have taken the decision to not do cards or corporate gifts – in place of this activity we have decided to make a donation to a very important charity.

We have chosen Centre Point Charity

This year has been very difficult for many in society – but particularly for those who are vulnerable or find themselves out of step with society – that is why we feel it’s more important than ever to try to make a difference.

We have thought long and hard about how we can help make a realistic difference. Therefore, we have decided to make a donation on behalf of every one of our fifty-one employees and staff.

We have donated to the Centre Point charity by providing the necessary funding for 51 safe rooms to help those in a less fortunate position.

We truly hope and trust that our gesture makes a difference. Please take the time to visit the web site for Centre Point and find out more about what this charity does and how you could potentially help.

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