Frameclad provide a tailored service

Frameclad provide a tailored service in conjunction with the project team to ensure that all of the necessary detail is provided to the installer, with focus on quality information at a reasonable cost.

At Tender stage, we perform a technical appraisal of the scheme, this may include an indicative mark up, façade design and in load bearing options a detailed mark-up identifying the loadbearing elements we have incorporated within the design. These can then be incorporated as part of an installer’s tender submission.

Frameclad can engineer, design and produce bespoke sections and fabrications to provide cost effective solutions to the unique conditions that often prevail on site. Full detailed construction drawings can be provided.

A full set of calculations, sections and details are provided along with elevations and plans that show every SFS element within the building.


Coordinated with the project team (Architects, Structural Engineers, Main Contractors and Other Trades) drawings are provided for approval, amended and then issued as a construction pack to the installer.

In order to provide the required drawings a full set of architects sections, elevations, plans and details will be required in dwg and pdf format. We would require a 3D model of the primary structure in .ifc/Db1 files if available.

From this the design process will take between 2-6 weeks to achieve construction status drawings in a phased approach dependant on project size.

Our design service is provided using software that is fully BIM compliant. We can then use the architects and engineers BIM models to ensure full compliance with the design intent. We can then also provide a model during the comment and approval process.