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FRAMECLAD LIMITED – Quality and Innovation in the Offsite Construction Market

Frameclad Working With BOPAS

At FRAMECLAD LIMITED we constantly strive to be the best that we can be and to provide the very highest standards in products, systems and service. To this end we are always looking for ways to improve.

As part of our commitment to our continual improvement we are working with a number of recognised accreditation bodies to identify areas where further improvements are possible and to implement strategies for the long-term provision of such improvement. One such item is in the area of Quality Management Systems – QMS – we are working alongside BOPAS – Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme – to review our systems and processes as part of an ongoing audit process of certification and accreditation.

This process helps to reinforce our internal QMS and in turn paves the way and provides the framework for our further investment in ISO9001. Frameclad are working towards full ISO9001 accreditation through 2022 and by understanding and implementing the processes and procedures we have identified through the BOPAS journey we know that we are well placed to embrace this next level.

Further accreditation that will be in place shortly is accreditation and acceptance to the NHBC Accepts scheme. All of these mentioned improvements are underpinned and enhanced by an existing, comprehensive QMS and process system that has been developed to support Frameclad’s exemplary customer facing service and product standards.

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