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Frameclad Q&A With Steve Goodenough

Frameclad with Steve Goodenough Q&A

Before working at Frameclad, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

Meat packing factory at an abbotoir in my late teens.

How did you first learn about Frameclad?

My competitor when working with EOS facades.

How has Frameclad helped you in your career development?

Frameclad has helped me to develop strategic development in my knowledge and helped me to look at Frameclad’s overall strategy. A percentage of my role I have to report facts and figures and the strategy where Frameclad has greatly supported me to develop in this area

What are 3 words to describe Frameclad?

Energetic, efficient, trustworthy

What do you like most about Frameclad?

The people, the team, the people have been handpicked. Most senior people in Frameclad have been identified as the future of Frameclad. Relationships have been built over several years with loyalty and commitment

What drew you to Frameclad originally?

Opportunity to help contribute to build the business. I saw that with the leadership of Mark Munns & the skillset I have was a perfect fit

And how has Frameclad changed since?

Frameclad has massively changed in just 4 short years. From a single machine back in 2016 to 5 today thus creating a huge opportunity to supply multiple market places where the requirement for Steel Frame solutions are increasing all of the time. Frameclad can offer a full solution for the infill market & full Load Bearing Systems

What is the favourite part about working for Frameclad?

Watching schemes from conception to finish

What is your proudest moment at Frameclad?

Walking in to the new building factory with the machines and seeing them all fully operational following a huge business investment and personally supporting this process

Who’s someone you really admire?

My step Dad. Looked after myself and 2 siblings from a very young age (me being 3 ½ years old), as if we were his own, taught us the moral values including honesty, being trustworthy, being courageous & never giving up. These values I have continued through to my adulthood and within the workplace where it is evident in the continued business relationships I have maintained over the past 17 years in the construction industry. Some I have known personally from the beginning of my journey and continue to be both great customers and good friends

What’s something you saw recently that made you smile?

GCSE and A level results of my daughters

What’s the best advice you were ever given?

Do what you say you are going to do

What would we most likely find you doing at the weekend?

Watching both my daughter’s play football

What is the most positive thing for you that has come out of COVID?

Spending quality time with the family

What is your role at Frameclad?

Sales Director

Favourite type of music?

Slow soul

What sports do you link to watch / participate in?

Football and golf

Best meal you've ever eaten?

My own bbq’s

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