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How To Increase Construction Project Speed Without Compromising on Quality and Safety

The Government has outlined a big push on new homes over the next five years. Under current circumstances, it’s unrealistic to expect that promise to be met. By contrast, it’s very realistic to expect there to be a major push for new housing. This raises the question of how constructors can balance speed with safety and quality.

Plan Ahead

There’s absolutely nothing new about the importance of planning ahead in construction (and many other industries). What is, however, relatively new is the number of tools available to help with that planning. For example, building information modelling software and construction management software are now widely considered standard must-haves.

Utilise New Construction Technology

Leveraging new construction technologies can help to minimize your need for materials. This minimizes the amount of time you need for these materials to be delivered and put together. As well as being a clear benefit in itself, this also reduces the scope for problems to arise.

One of the most exciting developments in construction technology is the creation of light gauge steel frames. Light gauge steel can deliver exactly the same load bearing capability as traditional methods of construction. It is, however, much easier to manipulate. This means that it makes for faster, more cost-effective builds.

In particular, light gauge steel frame constructions can be customized and optimized for the requirements of any given project. For example, if you need a load bearing stud wall, you can have the studs created to your unique specifications.

Use Alternative Construction Methods

Out of all the alternative construction methods currently available, prefabrication and modular construction are probably the most promising. Prefabrication used to have massively negative connotations and for good reason. The post-war prefabs of the 1950s were an efficient way to solve a major problem. They were not, however, attractive and desirable.

That, however, was now over half a century ago and the quality of prefabrication has improved dramatically. It’s now also much easier to combine it with modular construction, especially light gauge steel modular construction. These can massively increase the speed of construction projects without compromising on safety or quality.

What’s more, this increased efficiency can allow constructors to maintain reasonable profits while keeping sales prices affordable. This is likely to be crucial in resolving the UK’s housing issues.

Communication Is Key

While a lot of the improvements in build speed do hinge on leveraging technology, there is still very much a place for traditional “soft skills”. Most of these revolve around the ability to communicate effectively. That said, technology can help here too. For example, tools such as Google Forms are a whole lot more efficient than asking people to fill in paper questionnaires.

Provide High-Quality Safety Training

Last but definitely not least, remember to pay attention to basic fundamentals like high-quality safety training. Never treat safety training as just a box-ticking exercise. It plays a major role in ensuring that your projects are completed without incident. This not only maximizes your build speed but also protects your reputation as an employer and as a company.

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