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Load Bearing

Frameclad have the capability to provide multi storey buildings using the system incorporating all external walls, load bearing walls, floors and roof structures. All complete with comprehensive design and full structural calculations. Light gauge steel frame load bearing solutions are fast becoming the first choice for the construction industry. Utilising offsite Manufacturing techniques to the best advantage Frameclad are able to produce factory precision Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) wall floor and roof elements to any specification.

The Benefits of Load Bearing

The true benefits of Load Bearing solutions lie in the advantages that early engagement can bring -

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the invisible savings in cost from lighter construction can deliver for foundations or feasibility for vertical extensions on existing structures

Frameclad Device SM

Time saving or programme acceleration through fast track construction methods avoiding waiting time for slower “wet” trades to keep up or enable advancement

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Accuracy – Factory precision means that great confidence can be placed on things being as they are designed or intended to present


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    We design and engineer all elements of the framing taking account of location, wind pressures, roof construction, façade finishes – even M&E locations can be and should be allowed for.  As with all systems, service holes can be pre-punched to give greater ease for the installation of first-fix plumbing and electrics.

    Frameclad’s continuous investment in MMC technology and equipment means that there are almost no opportunities for us to be unable to supply the system that you need.

    The section range that we have is market leading, the equipment we have is the best and the people that we have possess the most experience and understanding of offsite construction that is available for any supplier in Europe and beyond.

    As the MMC market continues to grow we have supplied hundreds of projects with framed solutions – take a browse through our case study section to see just a few.

    Frameclad can provide systems to suit individual houses, offices or light industrial buildings. We can also supply portal frames to construct warehouses and barns or anywhere where a larger span is required that cannot be practically supported with a cold formed frame. Due to the lightweight structure, this system can lend itself to building a new storey or storeys on your existing building (subject to structural engineering approval)

    If you have a project that sounds like this type of system may be what you are looking for then please click here and leave us your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible to help or if you prefer, contact us at the head office and we will be happy to direct your call to the person best placed to answer your questions and provide the necessary assistance.

    Frameclad's Pre Boarded Floor

    Reduced Installation Time

    Our pre boarded floor option is an excellent example of the kind of solution which enables our clients to work with maximum efficiency and build at speed without sacrificing anything in terms of quality. This floor solutions from Frameclad offers an innovative load bearing construction solution which can be installed to extremely tight lead in times while allowing architects and builders to add height to existing buildings.

    Eliminate Scaffolding and Reduce Downtime with Pre boarded Floors

    Our pre-boarded floor cassette systems provide several benefits, including versatility, consistency, shear strength and sustainability. There are several options for the floor finish and build up but all have excellent credentials and benefits.

    The advantages of all of our pre-boarded floor cassette solutions begins with the fact that it can be built into a structure without scaffolding having to be put up, thanks to its compatibility with our edge protection system. This edge protection system means that the cassettes once manoeuvred into place on site and fixed form a true working platform with no necessity for scaffolding. This is typical of the kind of time-saving convenience which our pre-boarded floor cassette systems offer from start to finish, with all dry construction methods meaning that there is never a requirement for the build to come to a standstill while concrete is poured and allowed to dry.

    The make-up of the deck floor itself consists of multiple layers built around the steel Frameclad joists, each layer offering greater strength and resilience without adding excessive weight, and layers such as the screedboard and neoprene acoustic tape making this the ideal solution for both domestic and commercial locations.

    Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with A Pre-Boarded Floor Cassette Systems

    In addition to improving a finished building, the pre-boarded floor cassette systems can be utilised as a working platform, and our ability to work to precise and consistent specifications means that we can create sections of deck floor in bulk and deliver on mass to reduce the number of visits to the construction site.

    Our pre-boarded floor cassette solutions can play a key role in reducing the overall carbon footprint of a building, conforming to legislation and enhancing the corporate branding and eco-credibility of any client working with Frameclad.

    Pre-Boarded Floor Cassette Systems Offer an Innovative Alternative to Traditional Methods

    The pre-boarded floor cassette system is lightweight yet robust, easy to install, versatile, eco-friendly and functional. It offers an innovative alternative to traditional solutions which, in simple terms, makes it easier for designers, architects and builders to take ideas from the drawing board to the real world.


    Frameclad's Lewis Deck Floor

    Lewis Deck Floor offers a solution which is typical of the kind of options that Frameclad specialise in. It enables anyone using it as part of their project to install load bearing flooring at speed without compromising on the quality of the finished product. It provides the ideal solution for builders, designers and architects working to tight lead times, enabling them to add height to buildings quickly and safely.

    Eliminate The Need for Scaffolding

    The lightweight nature of the Lewis Deck floor option is that it offers numerous advantages, not least of which is the fact that it’s easier to work with and can be transported quickly to site and lifted into position as part of a floor cassette system. Once in place, the deck floor sections are compatible with SFS edge protection systems which means that the work of installing them can take place without scaffolding. This reduces the costs of a project, saves time-on-site and frees up members of the team who would otherwise be engaged in putting the scaffolding together or waiting for it to be in place.

    Reduce The Number of Visits to Site with Our Lewis Deck Floor

    Lewis Deck floor offers an enhanced alternative to concrete flooring as it offers the same versatility, shear strength and longevity without work having to be halted while the concrete itself is poured and left to cure. On the contrary, the deck floor units offer the ‘feel’ of concrete without any of the inconvenience, and the finished installation is lighter than concrete flooring and can therefore be supported by a wider range of structures. The fact that the deck itself can act as a working platform means that a project can be delivered at speed with maximum safety, and the fact that sections of the deck floor can be manufactured in bulk to precise and consistent specifications cuts the number of deliveries made to the site. This is one reason why using the Lewis Deck floor option helps to cut your projects carbon footprint, enabling projects to be delivered in line with legislation and with an eco-friendly stance that enhances corporate branding and meets the demands of increasing numbers of modern clients.

    An Eco-Friendly Alternative

    Lewis Deck floor is versatile, eco-friendly and robust. It offers a lightweight alternative to traditional building methods and is an innovative choice for designers, architects and builders. It is quick and easy to install and keeps projects moving forward quickly while delivering high-quality results.

    What is Load Bearing?

    Understanding load bearing is crucial when undertaking any construction project. Load bearing walls provide the structural integrity of a building and ensure that it’s safe. In every building, the walls are divided into internal and external, and some of those walls will be load bearing while others are non-load bearing. Knowing which walls are load bearing will keep construction projects safe and help you manage costs. So how can you tell if walls are load bearing? Walls are load bearing if they carry the weight of the building. The load is transmitted through walls to foundation columns or beams through studs, floor joists, and rafters. Removing a load bearing wall could cause the entire building to collapse, so knowing where they are is essential.

    The Different Types of Load Bearing

    Load bearing walls come in many different forms. Load bearing walls you commonly find in buildings include retaining walls, which are used to provide lateral support, masonry walls to provide strength and durability, and metal stud walls which are used to construct exterior wall cladding.

    Materials Used in Load Bearing

    The load bearing walls are usually either made out of concrete, light gauge steel framing, or wood studs. In commercial buildings, load bearing walls tend to be constructed with steel.

    The Benefits of Building Load Bearing Walls with Light Gauge Steel


    Load bearing walls constructed with light gauge steel framing are less likely to deteriorate over time than load bearing walls made of concrete or wood studs. Less maintenance is required with load bearing walls made of steel because they can withstand the elements much better over time.


    Load bearing walls made of steel are much lighter than load-bearing walls built using concrete or wood studs, making them easier to install and maintain.

    Flexible Design

    Because load-bearing walls made of steel are lightweight and durable, they can be tailored to each construction project. Light gauge steel frames can be custom-made to your specifications, allowing them to be used in a wide range of projects.

    Speed of Construction

    The load bearing walls made of steel framing can be installed quickly, a benefit that makes load bearing construction projects more affordable. Steel load bearing walls can also be assembled using a crane, making load bearing walls easy to install even if they are in an awkward or hard to reach location.

    Eco-friendly Solution

    The load bearing walls made of light gauge steel framing are eco-friendly and carbon neutral. They can last for one hundred years or more without deteriorating, so they don't require replacement like load bearing walls made of concrete or wood. These load bearing walls are sustainable and do not harm the environment.

    Potential Problems with Using Light Gauge Steel for Load Bearing

    The main disadvantage of light gauge steel is that it can lose its structural integrity in a fire, which means load bearing walls made of steel can be dangerous. However, as long as the proper fire safety protections are implemented, steel is a safe option as it’s made from non-combustible materials.

    Load bearing structures are a crucial consideration in all construction projects. Light gauge steel is often the best option for load bearing walls because it's durable, easy to install, and eco-friendly.

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      Case Studies

      Overslade House

      Northampton This technically challenging project involved the initial removal of a traditional pitched roof from a four story 1980’s Social Housing Accommodation Block and the subsequent installation of two new load-bearing stories plus the associated supporting Hot Rolled Steel grillage, new external lift shaft and associated landing areas.

      overslade house

      Think On Top Of The Box

      Located in a coastal location, this was a conversion of an existing 3 storey concrete frame building into 9 townhouses. Frameclad provided the SFS infill to form new external walls to the existing levels then added a self-supporting top floor with SFS to give additional floor space to the scheme. Due to the restrictive nature of the site and the need to keep the new loadings of the upper floor to a minimum, SFS was the ideal solution for the developer.

      Think On Top Of The Box