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How Our Internal LGSF Training Helps Us Provide Our Best Load Bearing Solution

Here at Frameclad, we make an effort to invest in our employees, ensuring that they are provided with the best training, support, and benefits. We want our light gauge steel frame load bearing solution to be the best quality possible at all times, and that requires taking care of our staff to help them do their very best work. We take multiple steps to nurture the growth of our employees, keep up staff retention and ensure our employees are up to date on their training. By taking these steps, we are able to deliver a better service and a high-quality load bearing solution for our customers.

Training and On-site Assistance

Our training in light gauge steel framing is designed to give all of our staff members the same high level of knowledge and skill to deliver our framed and load bearing structure solution. Frameclad invests in a select and targeted workforce in our manufacturing facilities and we see our staff as key to the provision of our products and services. We continually invest in the training and development of our employees, both to provide them with the skills to enable them to do their best work and to support them in their earning potential.

Real Living Wage

As part of our desire to support our workforce, Frameclad has made a long-term commitment to the Real Living Wage. The Real Living Wage is a UK rate of pay that is based on living costs, separate from the Government's legally-mandated National Living Wage. The Real Living Wage is voluntary and is currently £10.85 in London and £9.50 outside of London. We believe that we are the first SFS manufacturer to make a commitment to the campaign and eagerly await others following.

Apprenticeship to Management

Offering opportunities both to start a new career in the industry and to progress is another way that Frameclad supports employees in their professional growth, thus creating better workers. We offer a clear path to progression, allowing employees to start as apprentices and make their way into management positions if they wish. All of our staff members receive the necessary training at different stages of their career.

Rewards for Quality Work

We reward our light gauge steel framing assemblers for their hard work to recognise what they do for us. We pay our workers at levels that reflect their individual levels of ability and skills. We actively encourage training and attainment of additional skill sets to ensure they produce their best work at all times. They know that they will be well-compensated for working hard and for delivering high-quality components for our clients to use.

High Staff Retention

As a result of all that we do to support our employees, our staff retention is high. Not only does this benefit us, but it's also an advantage for our clients. When employees choose to continue working for us, it helps to create a strong working culture and community. Our workers learn to work well together and strengthen their team working skills.

By providing ongoing training and other benefits to our workers, Frameclad is able to provide our best load bearing solution. When our staff members are happy and supported, they deliver their best work.

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