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Q&A With Hayley Welch

Q&A With Hayley Welch

Before Working at Frameclad, What Was the Most Unusual or Interesting Job You’ve Ever Had?

I used to work in a care home. I danced and played cards with those able to do so. I enjoyed entertaining them and it was hard not to become close to the residents and their families

How Did You First Learn About Frameclad?

Through Lisa the cleaner who already worked for Frameclad. My boy and Lisa’s boy go to the same school and that is how I found out about the opportunity

How Has Frameclad Helped You in Your Professional Development?

A lot of support at Frameclad and I get on with everyone well.

What Are 3 Words to Describe Frameclad?

Supportive, hardworking, loyal

What Do You Like Most About Frameclad?

The staff

What Drew You to Frameclad Originally?

An opportunity and I am interested in the goings on in the factory

And How Has Frameclad Changed Since?

More workers and increased business during the three years I have worked here

What Is on Your Wish List for The Next 2 Years with Frameclad?

To work in the factory (now happened following this Q&A)

What Is the Favourite Part About Working for Frameclad?

The shop floor. I have always liked mechanical things. I find it fascinating.

What Is Your Proudest Moment at Frameclad?

Since this Q&A I have been given a position to also work in the assembly area of the factory.

Who’s Someone You Really Admire?

Mike Causer (Frameclad’s Production manager) He understands a lot and always there if you need a shoulder to lean on. A very hard working man

What’s Something You Saw Recently That Made You Smile?

The lads in the factory make me smile every day

What’s The Best Advice You Were Ever Given? Who Was It From?

My Nan – never let anything get you down. Keep your chin up and try your best.

What Would We Most Likely Find You Doing at The Weekend?

Catching up on my own cleaning. The park with my children and the local nature reserve also with Turbo the dog

What Is the Most Positive Thing for You That Has Come Out Of COVID?

More family time

What Is Your Role at Frameclad?

Cleaner and recently given an additional position of working in the assembly area of the factory

Favourite Type of Music?

The 60s

Best Meal You've Ever Eaten?

My Dad’s spaghetti bolognaise

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