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Slash Your Carbon Footprint by Switching to Frameclad’s Load Bearing Solution

Frameclad's light gauge steel frame load bearing solution helps your business to reduce its carbon footprint significantly. Using our system, we are capable of delivering multi-storey buildings that are not only cost-effective and time-saving but can also contribute towards your company's environmental goals. We design and engineer all elements of the framing to deliver a customised solution to all clients, providing multiple eco-friendly benefits, including reduced waste, transportation, and time on site.

Frameclad’s Load Bearing Solution

Our light gauge steel framing incorporates all external walls, every load bearing wall, floors, and roofs. We manufacture offside and use Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) to produce wall, floor, and roof elements to your requirements. We take into account all factors that affect the accurate design and engineering of a framed and load bearing structure, including location, roof construction, wind pressures, and facades. Our ability to supply any system required is supported by our continued investment in MMC technology and equipment, as well as our experienced and talented team.

Environmentally Friendly Benefits of Our Load Bearing Solution

Frameclad's load bearing structure offers several excellent environmentally friendly benefits, both to those in the construction industry and their clients who own and run the finished buildings. Frameclad Scheduling and Wagon Loading ensure less waste and offer carbon footprint improvements to construction companies.

Reduction of Site Waste

When using light gauge steel framing manufacturers, site waste can be all but eliminated. This is thanks to the use of prefabricated light steel and modular components, which are constructed off-site and brought in when they are needed. The reduction in waste of construction materials creates not only a more sustainable construction approach but also helps to save money.

Reduced Transportation

The need for transportation is also cut when using Frameclad's load bearing solution. More materials can be delivered in a single delivery, with one supply of light steel frames typically meeting requirements for around three houses. This reduces carbon emissions from vehicles and simultaneously reduces costs.

Reduced Time Spent on Site

Less time on site is required with the Frameclad light steel frame load bearing solution. With frames manufactured off-site, they can then be brought in and used in construction.

Buildings go up much faster with significant elements already constructed and ready to be put in place. Light steel components can be installed quickly to greatly reduce construction time, saving both time and money for construction companies, in addition to lowering the environmental impact of their projects.

Greener Buildings

Constructing greener buildings helps construction companies to appeal to clients, developers and investors. Using light gauge steel framing from Frameclad, buildings can be given higher levels of thermal insulation and air-tightness, providing better energy efficiency. Renewable energy technologies are also ideal for pairing with light gauge steel framing and can be attached to or built into light steel components.

The light gauge steel load bearing solutions from Frameclad deliver numerous benefits to construction companies looking to slash their carbon footprint. Contact Frameclad today to find out more about the advantages of our load bearing solution.

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