Frameclad offer a fully designed and engineered solution for all of your cold rolled steel frame needs

Stud And Track

Frameclad distribute stud and track in component form to be used as the infill walling to reinforced concrete frame buildings or hot rolled steel frame buildings.

We can offer stud and track in various sizes, factory cut to length, generally within 5-7 days from receipt of call off to anywhere on mainland UK.

All studs can have pre-punched service holes at specified locations if requested at no extra cost.

Stud and track is available in various sizes please refer to our products page for details.

To supplement this we can also supply deflection head brackets, hot-rolled steel beams, wind posts and ancillary fixings and bespoke brackets

Load Bearing Solutions

We have the capability to provide multi storey buildings using the system incorporating all external walls, load bearing walls, floors and roof structures. All complete with comprehensive design and full structural calculations.

As with all systems, service holes can be pre-punched to give greater ease for the installation of first-fix plumbing and electrics

Frameclad can provide systems to suit individual houses, offices or light industrial buildings. We can also supply portal frames to construct warehouses and barns or anywhere where a larger span is required that cannot be practically supported with a cold formed frame. Due to the lightweight structure, this system can lend itself to building a new storey or storeys on your existing building (subject to structural engineering approval)

High Bay Walling

Continuous Walling

Frameclad have supplied many instances where our engineered, high bay walling is used to provide separating walls within factory units (or similar) to produce fast and cost effective method of dividing spaces where height is an issue.

We can manufacture sections up to and over 20 m long to facilitate single stud application in most instances.

Sometimes known as oversail system – this method of SFS usage enables the SFS external skeleton to oversail the edges of the main frame structure (whether steel of reinforced concrete).

Typically hung on overhanging brackets or cleats. The main advantages of this type of system are to maximise internal floor area and to take out many lateral inconsistencies in slab or frame edge