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Load Bearing

Frameclad have the capability to provide multi storey buildings using the system incorporating all external walls, load bearing walls, floors and roof structures. All complete with comprehensive design and full structural calculations. Light gauge steel frame load bearing solutions are fast becoming the first choice for the construction industry. Utilising offsite Manufacturing techniques to the best advantage Frameclad are able to produce factory precision Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) wall floor and roof elements to any specification.

The true benefits of Load Bearing solutions lie in the advantages that early engagement can bring -

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the invisible savings in cost from lighter construction can deliver for foundations or feasibility for vertical extensions on existing structures

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Time saving or programme acceleration through fast track construction methods avoiding waiting time for slower “wet” trades to keep up or enable advancement

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Accuracy – Factory precision means that great confidence can be placed on things being as they are designed or intended to present

Let us see how we can provide you with the benefits

We design and engineer all elements of the framing taking account of location, wind pressures, roof construction, façade finishes – even M&E locations can be and should be allowed for.  As with all systems, service holes can be pre-punched to give greater ease for the installation of first-fix plumbing and electrics.

Frameclad’s continuous investment in MMC technology and equipment means that there are almost no opportunities for us to be unable to supply the system that you need.

The section range that we have is market leading, the equipment we have is the best and the people that we have possess the most experience and understanding of offsite construction that is available for any supplier in Europe and beyond.

As the MMC market continues to grow we have supplied hundreds of projects with framed solutions – take a browse through our case study section to see just a few.

Frameclad can provide systems to suit individual houses, offices or light industrial buildings. We can also supply portal frames to construct warehouses and barns or anywhere where a larger span is required that cannot be practically supported with a cold formed frame. Due to the lightweight structure, this system can lend itself to building a new storey or storeys on your existing building (subject to structural engineering approval)

If you have a project that sounds like this type of system may be what you are looking for then please click here and leave us your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible to help or if you prefer, contact us at the head office and we will be happy to direct your call to the person best placed to answer your questions and provide the necessary assistance.

Case Studies

South Place

South Place South Place, Surbiton Go-ahead for the new four-storey development In South Place, Surbiton will create 49 one-, two- and three-bedroom homes. Set into the…

South Place Mock up 1 South Place Frameclad

Overslade House

Northampton This technically challenging project involved the initial removal of a traditional pitched roof from a four story 1980’s Social Housing Accommodation Block and the subsequent installation of two new load-bearing stories plus the associated supporting Hot Rolled Steel grillage, new external lift shaft and associated landing areas.

Screen Shot 2020 04 16 at 21.30.58 5 Overslade House Frameclad