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Transform Your Construction Project with Frameclad’s Unrivalled Load Bearing Solution

Frameclad are able to create multi-story buildings using a system that incorporates all the load bearing and external walls, floors, and roofs. Our buildings are always finished with comprehensive design and full structural calculations. Light gauge steel frame load bearing solutions are one of the first choices for the construction industry, and for good reason. By making use of off-site manufacturing techniques, Frameclad can produce factory precision modern methods of construction (MMC) and produce wall, floor, and roof elements to meet your needs.

The Benefits of Frameclad’s Load Bearing Solution

Light gauge steel is rapidly growing in popularity, as the light and strong material makes the building process better for everyone involved.


Our light gauge steel frame load bearing solutions allow for large spans, and more spacious rooms, allowing you to reduce or even eliminate bulkheads entirely. Thanks to the materials being prefabricated, you can plan every detail before the project starts, reducing the number of expensive mistakes made during the project. Due to the way our light gauge steel frame load bearing solution is manufactured, there is less time spent actually on site, reducing the overall carbon footprint typically left by the traditional construction methods.


For contractors, light gauge steel will save you both time and money on the project schedule, as well as saving on the cost and number of labourers that you need. You can also create a much cleaner and safer work environment.

Another benefit of our light gauge steel frame load bearing solution is the ability to keep projects running on schedule, in order to meet deadlines, especially in winter. This is due to the manufacturing process taking place off-site, within a factory setting which allows the project to continue on schedule; avoiding the long wait times typically found with wet trades where progress can be hindered by poor weather.

Our load bearing solution can also be easily integrated with other construction materials, and the prefabricated components mean that every detail has been planned out before construction even begins. Additionally, the joints used are adjustable, which will allow for small discrepancies, and you might be able to get lower insurance rates.


For building developers or owners, faster installation is a big advantage. The durable materials used in light gauge steel frame load bearings can also lower the cost of ownership. The recyclable content, increased fire rating, and resistance against moisture, rot, and pests are all bonuses too, as well as potentially lowering your insurance costs.

How Frameclad Can Provide You with These Benefits

At Frameclad, all elements of the framing are designed and engineered, taking into account things like location, wind pressure, roof construction, and facade finishes, making sure everything is allowed for. Service holes are able to be pre-punched for an easier installation process for plumbing and electrics.

At Frameclad, we are always investing in the latest developments in MMC (modern methods of construction) technology and equipment, which means that we will always be able to supply what you need. Our load bearing solution range is a leader in the market, we use the best equipment available, and our staff have the most experience and knowledge of offsite construction compared with that of any supplier in Europe.

The MMC market is always growing, and Frameclad is proud to have supplied hundreds of different projects with framed selections. To see a few examples of the projects we have supplied, check out our case studies page on our website. As light gauge steel framing manufacturers, we are able to provide systems that will work well for individual houses, offices, or light industrial buildings. The lightweight structure of this system can be ideal for adding a new storey or even storeys to an existing structure to make far greater use of existing real estate and land

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