The Vision – Where we have come from and where we are going

The business was formed by Mark Munns (now CEO) in 2009. He recognised that there was a requirement within the industry (LGSF) and space for another player. Initially the company operated by buying and selling the basic materials that were manufactured by a fabricator in the North of the UK – essentially operating as a value added merchant that provided the materials with design, delivery and technical support. This proved to be very successful to the point that in 2013 Mark made the decision that it was time to move away from buying and selling section and become a manufacturing based business. To do this Mark teamed with Phil Dufty (Ops Director) to procure install, commission and subsequently manufacture and supply cold rolled sections (LGSF). At this point Frameclad raised itself up from a merchant to a manufacturer – a real step up in terms of operations.

The transformation of Frameclad from a merchant to a manufacturer was very successful and the growth of the business truly began – a dedicated sales team was assembled to drive production through the facility (based in Dudley). It quickly became apparent that the current capacity and simplicity of offer was being overtaken by demand. The requirements from the market and the success of the newly formed sales team meant that a second roll forming machine – more capable of making framing components was invested in. The machinery (a Howick machine – custom made in New Zealand) arrived and provided capacity / speed and a level of complexity and sophistication of product that placed Frameclad at a distinct advantage.

Very quickly Frameclad recognised and seized the opportunity to commence the manufacture of pre-made framing packs that can either be supplied loose or assembled at the now extended facilities on the site in Dudley.

The nature of panel production is such that it is far better served by a production line type set up, and as a consequence of this plus ever increasing sales volumes and requirements, Frameclad have now invested in further manufacturing space (24000 sq ft), where the framing and the roll forming from the Howick machines will be consolidated.

As a forward looking company Frameclad have now set in place a process to develop the manufacturing elements of their business further with the addition of specialist framing machinery and the order of further machinery from Howick – to be clear the cost of a new roll forming machine is significant so is not a decision that the company would take lightly.

Recent investments in additional space / capacity and by continually investing in a very select and targeted workforce both internally and out in the sales world mean that the potential for growth of the business is excellent.

Meet the Team

Mark Munns

Founded the business in 2009 and has driven over the last 8/9 years to arrive where we are today. Mark has a background in construction and understands the dynamics of the market place and has proven to be very shrewd in how we have invested through growth for growth. Mark continues to manage the business with his fellow directors and chairs a very lively and enthusiastic Board.

Paul Winwood

Managing Director
Having worked in the construction industry for over 20 years Paul has been the driving force behind a number of companies delivering on increased turnover, new product development and market introduction, profit target and numerous other strategic targets.Delighted to have become part of a team with a winning mentality, Paul is relishing the opportunity to help Frameclad to continue its growth trajectory in this exciting and vibrant market place.Always approachable Paul welcomes any and all opportunities where Frameclad’s expertise and collaborative and honest approach can benefit the whole supply chain.

Phil Dufty

Ops Director
Mentioned previously Phil has managed the production side of the business, moving from basic component manufacture through to complex framing as we are now. Initially assisting in the installation of the production plant – no-one knows better how the heart of Frameclad ticks. Phil has built a very robust staff around himself that are capable now of really pushing the boundaries and maximising the capacity of the production “machine” that he has built. Phil's background is ideally suited to the position he holds as he has worked with steel and cold forming in particular for 20 years plus.

Martin Jamieson

Commercial Director
Martin manages the estimating and technical elements of the business so is responsible for all enquiries from inception through quoting to qualification, technical review, engineering, planning for production etc. Martin has an enormous wealth of experience gained through many years of working in this industry. A genuine “go to” person for any part of the operation. Martin operates from a separate facility in the North East where he manages the technical and estimating and design elements and operation.

Steve Goodenough

Sales Director
Steve has many years of experience in this market having previously worked for a competitor as well as operating with associated trade companies such as British Gypsum who, as with Paul’s contacts, tend to operate within our market place too. A driven individual with a real tenacity and desire to make the business grow. Always enthusiastic and keen to work with the team to grow the business.

Jean Bainbridge

Financial Controller
Jean is the Financial Controller for Frameclad . Her role within the business is to oversee and manage all financial activities and to assist the Board in operating correctly, effectively and efficiently. She is hugely experienced having worked within and managed finance departments of varying sizes for most of her career. Never shy of a challenge Jean brings a great deal to the management team of Frameclad. As an emerging business, it is imperative that we operate robustly to maintain a stable platform for growth – Jean’s financial understanding and stewardship is a great asset in helping to achieve this.

Mike Causer

Load Bearing Production Manager
The newest addition to the team. Mike brings many years of experience within the cold formed steel sector, more recently in the manufacture of light gauge steel panels and cassettes. He is responsible for the team in our dedicated offsite fabrication facility to ensure a quality product is delivered on time to sites across the country to meet our client’s expectations.

Jake Winwood

Logistics and Production Planning
Having joined Frameclad in 2015 , Jake has spent time hands on learning about our manufacturing processes and procedures and now deals with the day to day production planning & forecasting, material schedules and transport allocation.