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As well as our standard services which cover design and supply of light steel frame, Frameclad can also offer consultancy services to assist both clients and contractors with any light steel frame queries. We can assist at the very outset of schemes right through to their conclusion, offering consultancy on all aspects of light steel framing at any stage of the project.

These services include the following:

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Feasibility reviews of your schemes; we can assist to review the suitability of SFS on your scheme and advise accordingly. Within this, we can provide details of how we envisage the structure can be built and provide line and point loads to assist your engineer with efficient design of the substructure.

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On-site reviews and inspections to assess works on site. We can offer guidance and solutions to on-site issues and queries that you might encounter.

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Design support, offering you guidance through the design process so that you can realise the full benefits of a light steel frame solution.

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Programming, assisting you in understanding what timescales are involved and what can be achieved with light steel frames so that you achieve the time savings that light steel frame can offer.

Frameclad engineer and design projects to deliver accuracy and quality.


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