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Think On Top Of The Box



The Think on Top of the Box project saw the conversion of an existing three storey concrete frame building into nine high-quality, modern townhouses. Frameclad were appointed to supply the SFS infill to form new external walls to the existing levels. The project also required the installation of a brand new self-supporting top storey using a steel frame system to increase the total floor space.

Located in a coastal area, this conversion from concrete frame building into exquisite riverside townhouses outlined strict specifications that required precision and expert delivery. A Frameclad steel frame system (SFS) was the ideal choice for the development.

PRODUCT: Load bearing frames & SFS infil

SITE: Coastal Location

MATERIALS 70mm, 150mm and 200mm sections

AREA: 2000m²


STATUS: Complete

Think On Top Of The Box

Case Studies

Canterbury Road

Frameclad manufactured all of the internal/external frames for these two interlinked block five-storey residential development. Floors were constructed from lattice joists and also balcony cassettes were supplied to sit inside a hot rolled frame. Access was limited and due to the busy site location deliveries had to be carefully coordinated and time slots hit.

Canterbury Road

Windsor House

In the heart of contemporary Sutton, surrounded by immense culture and diversity, we are delighted to introduce striking new apartments providing the brightest and lightest homes available on a Shared Ownership Scheme. Windsor House is the newest development undertaken by Optivo, giving potential residents the opportunity to live in the desirable and sought after Borough of Sutton.

Croydon-case-study - windsor house