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Fire Safety

The amount of combustible material in a light steel framed building is much lower, therefore the fire risk during construction and when in use is reduced. Our steel framing systems are non-combustible, can be specified above 18 metres and do not add to the fire load of a building – reducing the ‘fuel for the fire’ and limiting risk of damage and injury. This risk is further decreased by replacing some combustible materials with a concrete or screed deck on a steel frame rather than a timber deck.

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Our substantial investment in six cold roll-forming machines, supported by customised Tekla software, produces one of the largest ranges of steel sections available in the UK today from a single manufacturer. Our light steel framing solutions can be used for a wide variety of different applications. Frameclad’s systems are easy to install in public sector, private residential, light commercial, and industrial buildings. Steel can be formed into many shapes and with our advanced cold-rolled forming technology, Frameclad can create custom products to meet specific briefs and budgets.

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Time is a critical factor in construction. Rapid build programmes deliver a faster return on investment. By utilising light steel frame systems offsite manufactured in our quality-controlled factory environment to BOPAS and ISO Accreditation standards, building programmes can be reduced by as much as 30% depending on the levels of prefabrication. Our steel framing systems are lightweight and can be installed rapidly without the need for specialist tools or heavy lifting equipment.

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Steel is the world's most recycled material with more than 500 million tonnes recycled every year – the equivalent of 180 Eiffel Towers every day. Once produced, steel is a valuable asset that can be reused or recycled infinitely with little or no reprocessing in line with circular construction protocols – vastly reducing embodied carbon emissions in steel production. This unique characteristic gives our steel framing systems a high value at all stages of their lifecycle. The recovery infrastructure for steel recycling is highly developed and extremely efficient and has been in place for decades. Current recovery rates from demolition sites in the UK are 99% for structural steelwork and 96% for all steel construction products – figures that far exceed those for any other construction material. Light steel performs well in embodied carbon tests and with high levels of thermal insulation and airtightness, operational emissions are reduced by around 20%.

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The performance of light steel construction has been studied over many years, in a wide variety of environmental conditions and has been found to deliver excellent results with long design life predictions. Light steel is superior to wood in terms of longevity. According to the Steel Construction Institute (SCI), design life predictions for light steel framing in a ‘warm frame’ environment are in excess of 250 years. Light steel sections are protected from corrosion by for example, continuous hot-dip zinc coating. Steel does not shrink, warp, creep under load or change its shape and is not susceptible to insect infestation. Light steel framing systems do not suffer from moisture ingress, rot and require very little, if any maintenance.

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Reducing Site Constraints

Light steel frame construction is ideal for tight sites with difficult access. As the manufacturing and prefabrication process takes place offsite, within our quality-controlled factory setting, just in time deliveries can be arranged to reduce storage on site. Our systems are light, manoeuvrable and easy to install without the need for heavy lifting equipment. This vastly reduces disturbance, dust and noise to the local community and alleviates pollution. The factory process is more energy efficient and reduces building programmes by up to 30% which in turn, delivers vast saving on construction costs and reduces carbon impact.

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