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Chester Road

This project is an excellent example of how loadbearing light steel framing can be used to great effect in residential housing. Frameclad supplied loadbearing systems to a domestic development of 11 homes in Oakmere. Expertly navigating site challenges, Frameclad facilitated the successful completion of this project, to plan and on time.

Situated in the well-connected village of Oakmere, Cheshire, this residential development of 11 contemporary homes faced considerable challenges. With speed of build paramount to the project, restrictions to site threatened the build programme – Frameclad tackled these challenges head-on utilising their precision loadbearing systems.

PRODUCT: load bearing systems – walls, floors and roof

SITE: Oakmere – Chester Road



AREA: 2500m²


STATUS: Complete

Frameclad Chester Road Load Bearing Solutions
Frameclad Chester Road Case Study 2
Frameclad Chester Road Case Study 3

Case Studies

Canterbury Road

Frameclad manufactured all of the internal/external frames for these two interlinked block five-storey residential development. Floors were constructed from lattice joists and also balcony cassettes were supplied to sit inside a hot rolled frame. Access was limited and due to the busy site location deliveries had to be carefully coordinated and time slots hit.

Canterbury Road

Steel Over Timber

A superior alternative to a timber frame. The developer needed an alternative to timber frame to prevent costly delays and increased on-site costs, light steel framing was the solution.

Lighter, quicker and more stable LSF delivered these apartments on time and to budget whilst exceeding the client’s requirements

steel over timber