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Frameclad is proud to be able to call itself a true partner in the construction process – we work with our clients and their representatives and associates at all points through the process of delivering a successful project.

We believe that a collaborative, helpful approach to business is the way to ensure that a project is successful.  We appreciate that we cannot be involved at all points on every occasion but we know  the advantages of early engagement on light gauge steel frame projects and we will work with a project team to make sure that as much benefit as possible in enjoyed.

Our cradle to grave approach means that we want to be involved as early as possible and will be delighted to provide initial consultancy to establish feasibility and suitability and a high degree of cost certainty at a very early stage.

Once a path forward is agreed we enter into the design and engineering phase with our client – initially producing architectural and engineering information for agreement and incorporation into an overall project. The design and engineering complete we produce digital information to drive the manufacturing process ensuring that what has been designed and engineered and agreed is precisely what is delivered to a project.

Frameclad offer a tailored service – starting with consultancy


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