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Modular Construction Framing

Light Gauge Steel Framing Solutions to the Modular Construction Sector.

We’ve been providing light gauge steel framing products to the modular construction sector since 2013. We use that experience to deliver cost-effective value engineered solutions for each and every client. That means light gauge steel framing (LGSF) which is manufactured to the highest standards of strength and durability, meets the strictest tolerances and has been designed and rolled using state of the art equipment operated by experts. The experience of our design and estimation service means that we can do all that and deliver cost savings without compromising on quality.

When we work with a client we become a seamless production partner, providing support from initial enquiry through to final delivery. In simple terms, we take a client’s plans and turn them into the bespoke steel framing they need to create their own modular units. When needed, we can also work from the earliest stages of a project, turning architectural ideas and ambitions into structural reality, using state of the art software which is fully compliant with Building Information Modeling (BIM). Whatever a client needs, we can make it happen and save them money while doing it. Our experience in design and estimation enables us to spot savings that other manufacturers might miss, and pass those savings on to our clients.


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    Light Gauge Steel Framing - Modular Construction
    Modular Construction

    The level of support we offer can be tailored to meet the precise needs of each individual client. If that client has plans to manufacture their own steel framing at a later date we can provide the template, demonstrating the potential of the process before they make a full investment. Alternatively, we can provide the service in full, saving them the time and money of installing their own manufacturing facilities. In all cases we provide end-solutions which are bespoke and CE marked, and can be finished in line with the wider branding of the client.

    If you manufacture modular buildings or work within the modular construction sector and would like to work with suppliers who can deliver engineered solutions which combine quality with value then get in touch with us today. You can call us on 01384 401 114, email us at or fill in our online contact form. Whatever your LGSF modular construction requirements are we’ll work with you to turn your modular plans into custom-built reality.

    Modular Construction Framing Project

    Modular Construction Framing FAQ

    What Are Modular Buildings?

    Modular buildings are those which are made up of constructed from pre-formed sections (modules)

    What Is A Steel Modular Building?

    Steel Modular buildings are those which are made up of constructed from pre-formed sections (modules) where the predominant structure is formed of formed steel sections

    How to Build A Foundation for A Modular Home?

    Traditional types of foundation can be used for the uses of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), however, as most MMC buildings tend to be lighter than traditional buildings the foundations can generally be scaled back to suit MMC if this is considered early enough in the project

    What Is the Difference Between Modular Homes and Stick-Built Homes?

    Modular properties tend to be readily assembled and sent to site as preformed units. There are many levels of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC); modular fully formed at one end and stick materials at the other. In between, there are preformed walls and everything else too

    What Are the Advantages to A Modular Home Compared to A Stick-Built Home?

    Build speed and offsite, factory precision are two of the major factors in choosing MMC - whilst it is impossible to be accurate without sight of contract or building-specific details it is generally accepted that MMC provides a far superior and determinable advantage over std construction methods

    How Do They Build Modular Homes?

    Modular homes tend to be built from a transportable frame that is filled with panels and other intermediate products and finishes to provide a fast transportable and quickly installed construction solution

    How Long Do Modular Buildings Last?

    Built correctly modular and other methods of MMC will enjoy similar life spans to more traditional methods of construction. However, we appreciate that there may be some scepticism as MMC has not been in use long enough to prove or disprove this theory.

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