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Bath Lane


Student Accommodation

Bath Lane - The overall project includes the construction of a 601 bedroom student accommodation development, ancillary management and communal facilities and ground floor commercial units. The project includes the provision of associated parking, highway improvement work, amenity space and landscaping.

Logistics on this project was a particular challenge with only selected, timed delivery slots available. Careful and considered coordination between the Main Contractor, the specialist installer and the Frameclad Operations Department ensured smooth and unhindered progress.


SITE: Bath Lane, Leicester


SUB CONTRACTOR: Grays Drylining

AREA: 13,000m². 150mm

FLOORS: Up to 8 Floors over numerous blocks

STATUS: Under Construction – SFS complete

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Photo 14 11 2018, 13 25 24
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Case Studies

Think On Top Of The Box

Located in a coastal location, this was a conversion of an existing 3 storey concrete frame building into 9 townhouses. Frameclad provided the SFS infill to form new external walls to the existing levels then added a self-supporting top floor with SFS to give additional floor space to the scheme. Due to the restrictive nature of the site and the need to keep the new loadings of the upper floor to a minimum, SFS was the ideal solution for the developer.

Think On Top Of The Box

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