Frameclad continue to monitor the developing situation with regards to the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus and we are taking steps to avoid placing any of our employees, clients and suppliers at risk through our activities. The health, safety and wellbeing of all remains our upmost priority.

We are revising internal processes and procedures in all areas of our business to assist in safeguarding by whatever practical means possible anyone associated with our business. We will continue to follow the distancing advise being issued by the Government and to this end we are reviewing and amending processes to align with the advice we are receiving which is constantly evolving.

Materials are still being requested where sites remain open and we are fulfilling orders utilising the revised practices we have adopted. We require some help as it is essential that communication lines are clear with regards to whether sites remain open or are to close – where it is an intention to close a site then please advise us at the earliest opportunity to avoid any unnecessary arrangements being made and in order that we can prepare and despatch materials where sites do remain open as a higher priority.

We have relocated our administrative, design and estimating functions to offsite locations where they can continue to operate as normal and in safety – telephone lines and email has been diverted and to the outside world it will be business as usual.

The amendments we have made to manufacturing and distribution procedures will be adhered to so long as this is consistent with Government advice, however, as always, Frameclad will apply our best endeavours to ensuring that projects can continue unhindered as far as is possible. We look forward to resuming full and normal operations as soon as it is suitable and safe to do so.

We appreciate your continued support and understanding through uncertain times.

If you require further help, assistance or clarification please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team.

Kind Regards,

Phil Dufty
Operations Director