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Craig Peterson Q&A

Craig Peterson Q&A

Before Supporting Frameclad, What Was the Most Unusual or Interesting Job You’ve Ever Had?

The most interesting job is my role at Growth Capital Ventures which allows me to work with exciting businesses such as Frameclad. I've been fortunate enough to work with high growth businesses across a number of sectors including, housebuilding, modular housing, technology businesses and a couple of challenger banks for good measure.

How Did You First Learn About Frameclad?

Through Martin Jaimeson, Frameclad’s Commercial Director. I have known Martin since my time at Bryant and Wimpey Homes and I got in contact with him when I needed some support for a new business I was co-founding - modular housing manufacturer Corehaus.

How Has Frameclad Helped You in Your Professional Development?

It has expanded my knowledge in advanced manufacturing within the construction sector and the opportunity to work with a really knowledgeable team across their respective disciplines from design to estimating, sales and manufacturing.

What Are 3 Words to Describe Frameclad?

Innovative, collaborative and genuine.

What Do You Like Most About Frameclad?

The people.

What Drew You to Frameclad Originally?

The people and the overall market opportunity with Modern Methods of Construction.

And how has Frameclad changed since?

The business goes from strength to strength but never loses sight of the values that drive the business forward.

What Is on Your Wish List for The Next 2 Years with Frameclad?

The build on the strength of our working relationship and to work on more exciting projects together particularly in the housing sector

What Is Your Favourite Part About Working for Frameclad?

Seeing the team grow and the business grow and being able to play a small part in that journey.

What Is Your Proudest Moment at Frameclad?

Seeing the business continuously grow even in an extremely challenging economic climate. All driven by the team's consistent investment in people, premises and machinery.

Who’s Someone You Really Admire?

Former Rugby League player, Rob Burrow, for the unbelievable way he has tackled Motor Neurone Disease. Simply inspirational.

What’s Something You Saw Recently That Made You Smile?

My two daughters every time I come home from work!

What’s The Best Advice You Were Ever Given? Who Was It From?

Always do your best. Always do the right thing. Treat others as you want to be treated. Brother.

What Would We Most Likely Find You Doing at The Weekend?

Mountain biking followed by a few beers at a good pub in North Yorkshire.

What Is the Most Positive Thing for You That Has Come Out Of COVID?

Being grateful for those little things taken for granted such as seeing friends and family with no restriction. Puts everything into perspective

What Is Your Role at Frameclad?

Strategic Advisor

Favourite Type of Music?

Everything from the Rolling Stones through to the Jam, Stone Roses, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Black Keys and a bit of soul music for good measure.

Best Meal You Have Ever Eaten?

A recent visit to the Bay Horse in Hurworth near Darlington. Head Chef Marcus Bennett produces some if the best food in the North East. Probably made even better as the Covid lockdown restrictions had just been lifted!

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