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How Frameclad’s Light Gauge Steel Frame Solutions is Revolutionising the Modular Construction Sector

Modular construction is already changing the construction industry – offering a more economic and efficient alternative to building brick by brick. However, light gauge steel framing (LGSF), is already improving upon the innovative modular construction. LGSF is adaptable, stronger and lighter than alternatives, and is quickly becoming a revolutionary force within the modular construction sector. With such high demands for quality housing in the UK, LGSF modular construction is the answer the country’s been looking for – and Frameclad are spearheading the way.

Manufacturing High-Quality & Cost-effective Light Gauge Steel Frame Solutions

LGSF offers both a high-quality and cost-effective build than other construction alternatives. Frameclad’s steel frame modular units are prefabricated off site to the client’s exact specifications; this means the frame only needs to be put together onsite. This increased construction speed can cut project times by up to 30% and reduces delays, like those caused by bad weather or material supply issues.

Minimising construction time is only one reason why LGSF is so cost-effective; steel framing is stronger than its wood counterpart, meaning less members are needed within the modular frame system since they can be placed further apart – saving material costs while not compromising on safety.

Frameclad have been providing LGSF since 2013 – refining their process in order to minimise costs for clients while guaranteeing a high-quality build. Find out more about Frameclad’s LGSF here.

A Green Construction Solution

Steel frame modular construction offers hope for a green future within the construction industry. With concrete making up roughly 9% of the world’s carbon emissions, LGSF is an environmentally friendly solution. Steel is durable – not prone to corroding (when coated in zinc or a zinc mixture) from weather or pests; because of this, the lifespan of the material is much longer and does not need regular replacement, helping ease demand on materials.

The steel industry aims to become more environmentally friendly, reducing c02 emissions during the manufacturing and recycling process. Steel is heavily recycled and the frames can be used multiple times – extending the lifecycle of the unit and subsequently diminishing its carbon footprint.

Get in touch with Frameclad to discover how their LGSF solutions are helping reduce environmental stress.

Providing Bespoke and CE Marked Steel Frame Solutions

The versatility of steel means it is perfect for bespoke construction requirements. Unlike wood or concrete, cold rolled steel can be formed into any shape, whilst still maintaining its integrity and ability to bear load.

Furthermore, steel frame modular units diminish tricky or limited access obstacles, due to it being carried in as individual pieces. This means LGSF can be built in most places, adding to the bespoke nature of the material.
Alongside these benefits, the materials of Frameclad are CE certified for your peace of mind.

Internal Staff Training & The Real Living Wage

Frameclad’s innovative construction methods extend further than the materials they use. By being one of only 7,000 UK businesses to voluntarily pay their workers the Real Living Wage, Frameclad prioritises the moral and health of their workers. Frameclad moreover provides internal training, to ensure the quality of work from their staff is optimised and each team member has opportunities for growth.

A happy and healthy working community at Frameclad ultimately translates to the provision of better services for our clients; get in touch today to find out how our team can help you.

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