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Transform and Advance Your Construction Project with Our Stud and Track Systems

Light gauge steel framing is revolutionising the modular construction industry in more ways than one. With stud and track systems available in light gauge steel, you can reap the benefits that this innovative building material can bring to all parts of your construction process. This article addresses just how Frameclad’s light gauge steel frame stud and track components can refine your current and future construction projects.

What Are Stud and Track?

Stud and track systems are prefabricated steel building frame components used for infill walling in both commercial and housing projects. These hot cold rolled steel products provide frames for non-load bearing partitioning, which when filled, separates inner and outer spaces of your construction project.

Frameclad supplies studs in their typical “C” shaped forms, and tracks in their respective “U” shape, resulting in a strong and stable design. Tracks lie horizontally as top and bottom plates for the studs to be inserted vertically into.

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Benefits Of Frameclad’s LGSF Stud and Track

Frameclad’s stud and track systems are made from innovative building materials that are changing the way construction develops. Light gauge steel has multiple benefits from providing a faster construction speed, to excellent quality that will not diminish with weather and other external forces, and moreover being a greener building material alternative.

Frameclad’s stud and track can be used within both cast in-situ concrete frame buildings or steel frame buildings, perfect for any current and future projects you may be working on.

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Quick And Easy to Install

LGSF stud and track components are prefabricated to your specifications off site, drastically reducing onsite construction time, since they only need to be inserted. Frameclad offers a bespoke service, including pre-punched service holes in studs, in order for the construction process to be as smooth and efficient as possible.

Light gauge steel is, as the name suggests, lightweight and easily transported onsite, making LGSF stud and tracks effortless to install, and avoiding the need for any heavy tools or machinery.

Manufactured to Your Bespoke Specifications

Frameclad’s personalised design and manufacturing service means it is simple to request bespoke specifications to your stud and track components.

During the design process, structural elements such as parapets and downstands can be incorporated in order to ensure a smooth construction further down the line.

And whilst manufacturing your steel building frame components, Frameclad will bear in mind any various requirements, such as sizing, pre-punched holes in studs, or plain and/or slotted tracks.

Delivered Anywhere on Mainland UK Within 10 Working Days

Frameclad can deliver your stud and track products typically within a week or two of your call to them, anywhere within mainland UK, meaning your construction projects can benefit from LGSF stud and track systems straight away!

Fully SCI/NHBC External Infill Walling Accredited

Frameclad have certifications in NHBC Stage 1 Systems, as granted by the Steel Construction Institute, for your peace of mind whilst working on your light steel framed walls and doors.

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