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Frameclad Q&A With Mark Munns

Q&A With Mark Munns

Before Working at Frameclad, What Was the Most Unusual or Interesting Job You’ve Ever Had?

Cleaned toilets at Gatwick airport. Running ducting for BT and one of the clients being Alvin Stardust as well as Phil Collins

How Did You First Learn About Frameclad?

When I thought of it! I used SFS for the first time at Brighton station (New England Quarter) using metal from EOS but designed by Nik Teagle who now runs DACS. When I set up Frameclad the first person to supply me with SFS was Martin Jamieson then at WA Brown and after that SFS from Phil Dufty. When I did the job at Brighton I was working for Southern Maze and buying render from Envirowall whose sales Director was Paul Winwood. All these people now work within Frameclad!

What Are 3 Words to Describe Frameclad?

My working family

What Do You Like Most About Frameclad?

From an idea to where we are now and our continued growth

What Drew You to Frameclad Originally?

An opportunity to be better than others in the same space

And How Has Frameclad Changed Since?

It has gone from 2 employees to 52 employees. Out first order was a show stand for Religion clothing

What Is on Your Wish List for The Next 2 Years with Frameclad?

To see it continue to grow

What Is the Favourite Part About Working for Frameclad?

Being part of a vibrant, buoyant and bubbly organization that wants to continue to evolve, grow and harness ideas and innovation

What Is Your Proudest Moment at Frameclad?

There are so many but opening the first factory and buying the first machine stands out together with seeing our staff develop within the business at all levels.

Who’s Someone You Really Admire?

All the entrepreneurs that I have tried to follow and my wife. Without her I would have nothing because she has given me the platform

What’s Something You Saw Recently That Made You Smile?

Seeing the kids doing well during these difficult circumstances. Seeing them do things that you have instilled in them such as helping and going that extra mile

What’s The Best Advice You Were Ever Given? Who Was It From?

My Dad – The more you put in the more you get out. Don’t give up!

What Would We Most Likely Find You Doing at The Weekend?

Running, football

What Is the Most Positive Thing for You That Has Come Out Of COVID?

Watching society adapt.

What Is Your Role at Frameclad?


Favourite Type of Music?

The Jam, Green Day. Guitar driven bands

Best Meal You Have Ever Eaten?

For the whole experience The Ivy for my 50th

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