Frameclad manufacture precision cold rolled steel products

Frameclad manufacture precision cold rolled steel products using state of the art machinery in two manufacturing facilities located in the West Midlands totaling 33000 sq./ft. .During the last 18 months we have commissioned a dedicated 24000 sq./ft. framing facility specifically for the off-site market.

We have invested substantially in sophisticated and dedicated panel machinery linked to modeling software to provide accurate and repeatable quality frame production. Through robust and stringent quality procedures all rolled products and assembled panels leave the factory ready for use. Each rolled component is inkjet marked with all relevant information to speed up assembly time and provide full traceability back to the material origin.

Seamless links between the design software ensures data is transferred directly to our roll forming lines where we are able to manufacture to tolerances that exceed construction industry norms. Our roll-forming mills produce framing components ready for onsite assembly, eliminating the need to manually cut components to size on site.

Frameclad always strive to and regularly exceed our client’s expectations on reliability and delivery. All of our manufactured products are subject to rigorous quality standards which are fully compliant with our EN 1090-1: 2009 + AL: 2011 CE accreditation.