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Spearheading a New Era of Infinite Possibilities

Red BracketJoint Managing Director of Frameclad, Nik Teagle stresses the importance of early engagement and why skilled people, advanced manufacturing machinery and digital tools combine to prove that offsite is a premium approach.

Nik Teagle Joint MD Spearheading a New Era of Infinite Possibilities Frameclad

Utilising light steel frame as the principle structural component in a building creates many opportunities providing the build system is selected early in the design process. Employing the manufacturers team early ensures that their knowledge and expertise in the use of the system permeates through the architectural process. With a 12-strong in-house design and engineering team we have many talents at our disposal to make projects run smoothly.

One question I’m often asked, particularly by architects, is what type of buildings can be developed in light steel frame – what are its design and engineering capabilities?  A small question with infinite possibilities.

That’s the thing, the design scope of light steel is only limited by the imagination. We’ve engineered loadbearing systems for up to nine storeys and have the capabilities to go beyond this, our non-combustible infill systems can be used in structures above 18m in line with Building Regulations and have designed and manufactured low rise residential schemes and even agricultural and commercial buildings.

We have a bank of case studies spanning many years which clearly demonstrates the adaptability of light steel and we can manufacture panelised or modular solutions to meet briefs and budgets.

Decisive, quick with the ability to make swift decisions, it is also our attitude that sets us apart. We are willing to go that extra mile and offer our expert support working as an intrinsic part of a team. We are looking to form long-lasting relationships and our investment in skilled people, advanced manufacturing machinery and Tekla software, produces one of the largest ranges of steel sections available in the UK today from a single manufacturer.

Building safety
Housebuilders and developers have many key drivers, some to meet construction client’s briefs and budgets, others to adhere to regulatory requirements but safety is always top of the list. We can develop bespoke light steel framing systems which are better for the environment and the bank balance without compromising on quality, safety or performance.

From April 2024 the Building Safety Act will be fully in force, we have an in-depth knowledge of these new regulations, which although created to enhance the safety performance of high-rise buildings, have implications across all developments in England. So, get us in early, let’s have a discussion and then we can bring our design, engineering and manufacturing expertise to the fore, even at concept or initial tendering stages.

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